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What we do matters.

We wrapped up the season last week at the CSA where I work, Sunrise Farm.  To celebrate a successful season, the farm took the farmers to the Farmer’s Diner for breakfast, where we enjoyed good food and even better conversation.

At one point, someone brought up the futility of compact florescent lightbulbs.  Her point was, not only does it not matter what we do as individuals when it comes to light bulbs, light switches, or where we set the thermostat in our homes, but that it actually gives us a feeling that we are doing our part, when all of these measures are ineffective.  So we lose focus on what needs to change, by spending time changing lightbulbs.

This happens to run exactly counter to my own belief, that we as individuals can create change in the world, and that we do.  Each one of us, with each choice we make.

It led to a lively and lovely discussion, with all of us providing facts and ideas for all sides of the question.

One of us made the point that finally quieted everyone down.  It went something like this–if an object (or problem) is large enough, fifty or fifty thousand or even fifty million people pushing on that object is not going to budge it an inch. But if we bring intelligence to the question, if we look at where can we push, where can we focus our energy to get this thing to move–then it takes only one of us, or five of us, to create movement.

We bring our dedication to a problem, to our practice, to a seemingly unmovable mass.  We may push and shove, recruit our friends, cross over into stubbornness and then wear ourselves out, and nothing changes.

Then we bring our dedication and our wisdom to a problem, to our practice.  We push intelligently.  We use all the tools we can find.  We know when to take breaks.  And, pushing on just the right spot, we cause this mass to move, we begin to unravel this huge problem, we begin to see progress in our practice.

So, yes, what we do matters.  How we do it matters, as well.

The only thing better than good food is good food for thought served right along with it.

Uppup now offers a line of organic t-shirts for adults and kids, and an adorable onesie for the babes!  And we remain 100% solar powered.

Thanks for reading.

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Who are we?

I mean that not in any cosmic way—at least not this week—but I thought you might be curious to know who the people are behind the pup.

Carol is Up Pup’s creator.  It’s her art and her energy that created the lovely dog and this wonderful company.  Carol not only holds the vision of the company and creates the art, she also does the leg work–updating the website, taking orders, shipping orders, answering questions, making decisions.  She does all of this from her home off the grid in central Vermont, where she lives with her husband and two children, and of course Luna, their pup.

Although Luna, a chocolate lab mix adopted from the local humane society, looks just like the pup on the Up Pup wear, the pup that inspired Carol’s creation was their dog Molly, who passed two years ago.  Molly was a black lab mix who, even as an old dog with a bad back, knew the importance of the daily stretch!

Lucia in up dog.

Lucia is Carol’s daughter, and also her right hand gal.  She helps out at shows to set up and sell, she graciously poses in Up Pup wear for promotional photos, and is a general helper and support.  She is particularly good at talking with customers and potential customers, getting and giving feedback.

Sharon is typing the keys, that is, I actually write this blog.  Carol and I became friends in part because she gathered a group of neighbors together who let me practice on them when I was first learning how to teach yoga.  Typing this blog is one way of giving back to her, plus, it always helps a writer (at least this writer) to have a deadline and an audience.  I teach yoga, and also work at Sunrise Farm, a CSA in my community.

My husband Kevin is a massage therapist, and has taken many of the photos that are on this blog, in the store, and the Upper Valley Yoga website. We live in town with our two cats and our dog, Wiley, who is part Australian Shepherd (and possibly Tazmanian devil!).

You will also find, on the Up Pup website, photos of our friends Meg modeling our tank top, and Sadie modeling the children’s wear.  Please check the store soon for the organic cotton line for babies, adults (including men’s sizes) and children.  The colors are fantastic!

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week.

Carol, Lucia, Sharon and our pups!

Luna, exhausted after a long day of providing inspiration!

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Up Pup Store News

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