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merry, happy

Earlier in the week we received a package from a friend in Alaska.  Something for the cats, and the dog, my husband, and I.

“The children,” she said in her card, “can play with the boxes.”

Which is when I stopped and looked at the boxes, which were lovely, and gifts in and of themselves.

Merry, happy, and safe, whatever you are celebrating.

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No matter your religious beliefs or family traditions, this is a busy time of year, when more is being asked of us.  I was reminded of this on Saturday, when I arrived in our little town of White River Junction to teach class, and could not find a parking spot.  As I made my second lap around town, I waved to a couple of my students, engaged in the same activity, and passed the two churches who were holding their holiday bazaars that morning.

Fortunately, the busy downtown gave me a perfect opening into the theme I wanted to work with that morning in class: finding–and holding–both the energy and the relaxation of the practice.  Some poses lend themselves more easily to generating energy–the standing poses, for example, or backbending poses.  Some poses lend themselves more easily to finding the relaxation–child’s pose, supported poses, savasana.

Practicing and teaching this week, I’ve tried to find both the energy and the relaxation in every pose.  So a vigorous Warrior I can also be calming.  And a sleepy legs up the wall can be energizing.  And an extra lap around downtown can be…not so bad.

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