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Thanks to everyone who participated in the community class at Upper Valley Yoga last Sunday.  The occasion was my fortieth birthday, but that was just an excuse to gather and celebrate!

Michele George led a class that embodied so beautifully the themes she was teaching.  Part of the practice was a standard solo practice, with sun salutations, standing poses, balancing poses.  In this part of the practice, we embodied the qualities of steadfastness, directness, the firey passion required to remain dedicated to our practice, and in our everyday lives, true to our own heart.

Part of the practice was partner, trio work, and even whole group work on simple stretches, backbends, balances and handstands.  These embodied the quality of lila, the Sanskrit word for play.  We were reminded that part of what life requires of us is that sense of play, that sense of anything-can-happen kind of fun.

And of course, we saw that sometimes the help of our friends gets us further than we ever thought possible.

Thirty-five of us wedged ourselves into the studio at Upper Valley Yoga, and though the class was offered free of charge, we did collect over $200 for the UVY Karma Fund, a scholarship fund set up to help pay for classes for those who cannot afford them.

Though I think I’ll stick to having just one birthday a year, I hope we’ll gather again before next year to celebrate the community we all help to create.

Happy birthday to you, whichever day of this year it is (or was).  May all the desires of your heart come true, and may you hold the qualities of fire and fun fast within your heart!

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Not long ago, I noticed that our dog, Wiley (pictured above at bath time) was begging much more than usual.  In general she’s a lingerer, but not an actual beggar.  It turns out that she had found the stash of chocolate cream cheese brownies my husband had secreted away for himself.  Thankfully, it was not enough chocolate to do her any physical harm.  Just give her bad habits.

It’s made me think about the habit of hope, which most dogs seems to have.  Since her experience with the brownies, the dog is hoping that anything in a plastic bag might be a chocolate cream cheese brownie.

Of course our lives are more complicated than dogs.  We don’t default to hope, like dogs do.  We have to choose it.

And it’s not as if we choose it once, and then we are always hopeful–we must choose it again, and again, and again.

It’s another kind of practice–do I choose hope, or do I choose resignation.

The dog hopes.  Out of this bath, something good will happen, I just know it.  She looks at me out of the corner of her eyes.  She’s hoping if she stands still long enough, this bath will be over, and the treat in my pocket will be hers.

And, of course, she’s right.

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